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Endless Slideshow Screensaver 1.21 released

Endless Slideshow Screensaver 1.21 is available with the ability to configure and run up to 5 different command lines with file names of currently shown pictures.

Extreme URL Generator 2.0 released

Extreme URL Generator 2.0 is available with new powerful features for URL list generation and a brand-new interface which was complete re-written, now with Dark Mode.

hclips download

Download videos and photo albums from different parts of hclips.com website - categories, member profile page, channels, search results.

Batch download Redtube.com videos

New tutorial showing how to use Extreme Picture Finder to batch download all videos from any category or channel on redtube.com website.

Add music to your photo slideshow

Endless Slideshow Screensaver tutorial explaining how to enjoy your photos in a beautiful slideshow while listening to your favorite music.

Download photos and videos from xhamster.com

Tutorial showing how to use Extreme Picture Finder with xhamster.com website with maximum efficiency, turning Extreme Picture Finder into the best xhamster downloader.

Download flickr sets

Extreme Picture Finder tutorial showing how to download entire flickr sets

Free photo screensaver

New website for our free photo screensaver - Endless Slideshow Screensaver. https://www.free-photo-screensaver.com

Download imgsrc.ru albums

Extreme Picture Finder tutorial showing how to download all imgsrc.ru albums of a selected user

Windows 10 screensaver

How to configure and start Endless Slideshow Screensaver on Windows 10

Thumbnail gallery

Extreme Thumbnail Generator 1.16 released. New thumbnail gallery type is now available.

Screensaver slideshow

Endless Slideshow Screensaver 1.5 released. New feature called Smart Crop was added. It uses a combination of Zoom and Crop to make picture fill the entire screen without losing the original picture proportions.

Desktop screensaver

Endless Slideshow Screensaver 1.4 released. New version can display almost any picture information, including EXIF data, anywhere on the screen during the slideshow.

Web thumbnail file names

Extreme Thumbnail Generator 1.15 released. New version adds advanced thumbnail file names customization and a new gallery template.

Extreme Picture Finder 3.9 released

Extreme Picture Finder 3.9 was released today. We improved the way the program works when you're re-downloading files from a website using existing project.

Free slide show screensaver

Endless Slideshow Screensaver 1.3 released with cool new features to make this unique screensaver even better.

Website HTML slide show software

Extreme Thumbnail Generator 1.14 released. New version allows to create website HTML photo galleries with slide show.

Wallpaper screensaver

Endless Slideshow Screensaver 1.2 released. We improved wallpaper category selection and added several new features: slide show navigation with arrow buttons, download limit and others.

Technical support forum

Extreme Internet Software technical support forum is now live. Our support team will be happy to answer any questions about our products, help resolve problems and find solutions. Everyone is welcome.

Using query string to name downloaded files

Extreme Picture Finder 3.8 released. We added a new feature in this release to let you use query string parameter (or entire query string) to name downloaded files. Also 2 new search engines were added to the built-in web picture search: AltaVista.com and PicSearch.com.

Web Photo Gallery Maker improved

Extreme Thumbnail Generator 1.13 released. We made it even more user-friendly by improving the [ Open project ] feature. Now users can select new location of missing images.

Endless Slideshow Screensaver 1.1 released

In the new version of our unique slide show screensaver we added an option to exclude unwanted transition effects, improved multi-monitor support and added possibility to stretch small images to fit screen.

Add original pictures to web photo gallery

Extreme Thumbnail Generator 1.12 released with a new feature that allows to add a link to the original photos from the page the image preview is shown.

Website downloader improved

New version of website downloader - Extreme Picture Finder 3.7 was released. New features in this release include Socks 4 and Socks 5 proxy support, ability to download and save Flash videos (SWF and FLV files). Also built-in image viewer was improved. Now it supports more file formats, including RAW images.

Lightbox photo gallery - easy as 1,2,3

Extreme Thumbnail Generator 1.11 released with new features that allow create pure CSS photo galleries using new special tags for adding single thumbnail to the page. Plus we've added a possibility to create galleries with modern JavaScript special effect called Lightbox.

Advanced web photo gallery page navigation

Extreme Thumbnail Generator 1.10 released. Add more flexibility to your web photo galleries with new types of web page navigation: drop-down list and numbered links to all pages on every page. And create astonishing web photo albums using new template type which employs HTML i-frames to display both thumbnails and full-size images at the same time.

Save any website with Extreme Picture Finder 3.6.1

Extreme Picture Finder was released today. We improved the web page parsing algorithm. Now the program can extract links to pictures from external CSS files as well as from inline CSS attributes. Also built-in picture viewer was fixed. It shows all the thumbnails now, even if the folder contains 1000+ images.

Display EXIF data on gallery pages

Extreme Thumbnail Generator released. A new feature in the new version allows users to preserve original EXIF data in thumbnails and modified full-size images.

Download all images from a website easily

Today we released Extreme Picture Finder - software that will help you download and save all images and other files from any website automatically. We added the HTTPS protocol support and improved the built-in web crawler to deliver the best results.

Web photo gallery templates customization

Extreme Thumbnail Generator released. More customization options are now available for all web photo gallery templates - users can now add additional attributes to image and link tags generated by the program.

Image gallery creator program updated

Extreme Thumbnail Generator released. In this version we improved all the operations with the images in the image list and added the possibility to move all selected images to the top or bottom of the list with a single mouse click. All image list operations now work much faster even when the number of images in the gallery is 1000+.

Thumbnail gallery downloader tool updated

Extreme Picture Finder released. We added a new feature that allows to specify whether to send 'Referer' with every HTTP request or not (turning it off helps for some password-protected sites). Also the built-in Google image search was fixed.

URL Generator software updated

Extreme URL Generator 1.3 released. In this release we added several new features to help users create more flexible URL lists even faster.

Picture search software updated

Internet picture search software called Extreme Picture Finder was updated. In this release the problem with Ask.com picture search was fixed.

Extreme Thumbnail Generator 1.8.3 released

Extreme Thumbnail Generator 1.8.3 released. Users have now more control over the image pages file name. We added a possibility to include/exclude the image file extension in the image page file name.

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Extreme Thumbnail Generator 1.8 released

Extreme Thumbnail Generator 1.8 released. The new features include: Customizable link under the full-size image; Every image can have two descriptions now: short and long; Multi-line editor for image descriptions, page headers, etc; Customizable link back from the gallery; New default gallery folder for every new project and many other.

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Extreme URL Generator 1.0 released

Extreme Internet Software is proud to present a new software product - Extreme URL Generator! It allows users to generate and save hundreds and thousands of similar URL with just a few mouse clicks!

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Extreme Picture Finder 3.4 released

Extreme Picture Finder 3.4 is now available for download. The following new features were added in this release:

  • Manual login to websites with HTML forms
  • Starting Addresses list import / export
  • Users can now request to add a new Category to the Online Projects Database
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Extreme Picture Finder 3.0 beta released

The major update of Extreme Picture Finder - version 3.0 (beta) released. Don't wait another minute - download and try it! It is absolutely free for 20 days! Registered users of EPF 2.x can upgrade to the latest version with 50% discount.

Custom-built Backup CD

All our products are now available on a custom-built CD-ROM for just extra €9.95! The CD includes the most recent version of a product and a personalized registration key!

Extreme Thumbnail Generator released

Extreme Internet Software is glad to announce the release of new software! Extreme Thumbnail Generator is a powerful wizard-style tool for creating web image galleries. It will let you make beautiful photo albums with just a few mouse clicks! Even if you know nothing about the HTML and image processing - the result will be outstanding!

Download and try it now. It is absolutely free for 20 days!

New payment options available

ShareIt, our e-commerce provider, can accept payments in Euro, Pound Sterling and many other currencies now.