Add original pictures to your web photo gallery

New version of Extreme Thumbnail Generator offers even more web photo gallery customization. Now you can create galleries that will allow people to view and download original photos they want. So now a gallery can have every picture in 3 different sizes: thumbnails (usually 200 x 200 pixels or less), full-size picture preview (800 x 600, 1024 x 768 or any other custom size) and the original, not modified picture.

How to add original picture to the gallery

The easiest way to make Extreme Thumbnail Generator add link to the original picture is to open the options, select the Images tab, then in the Image link section check the Link image to box and in the drop-down list select Original image as shown on the screenshot below.

Add original image to web photo gallery

Now when someone clicks on the full-size image preview, the original image will be shown.

Another way to add link to the original picture from the page where full-size picture preview is shown is to edit template of the image pages and add the following line of HTML code:

<a href="[#imagepage.orig_image_src#]">View / download original picture</a>

Above code uses the new [#imagepage.orig_image_src#] special tag which is replaced with actual address of original image when the gallery is created.