Extreme URL Generator

Extreme URL Generator

Extreme URL Generator gives you a quick and easy way to generate and save huge lists of similar URLs or any other lines of text. It offers a clean and intuitive user interface that allows you to generate thousands of URLs with just a few mouse clicks by adding sequential or random numbers, letters or lines from external text files to the mix. Once your list is ready, you can save it into a text file or copy it into the Windows Clipboard and then quickly insert it into your target application for further use.

Extreme URL Generator offers advanced saving options to create a resulting file with the generated URL list exactly the way you need it. You can select file encoding, choose whether each URL should be on its own line or not, set a maximum number of URLs per file to split the list into several smaller files. Plus, you can add prefixes and suffixes to each generated line in the list and those prefixes and suffixes can contain a line number in the format of your choice. Thus, the resulting saved file can be used right away by any program, like Extreme Picture Finder which allows you to download and save files from URL lists automatically.

And the best thing - you can download and try the program right now for free. The trial version does not have any limitations in the number of generated URLs (within reasonable bounds, of course), so you will be able to see the entire potential and decide whether the program meets your list generation needs.


  • Very easy to use - the program offers clean and intuitive interface. You'll learn how to generate thousands of URLs in minutes!

  • Powerful and flexible - any number of URL templates in one project, where any URL template can have unlimited number of iterators, including sequential and random numbers, letters and lines from file.

  • Built-in integration with Extreme Picture Finder allowing you to download files from the generated URL list with a couple of mouse clicks.

  • Immediately available - you can download and try Extreme URL Generator right now absolutely free!