URL Generator software updated

Extreme URL Generator 1.3 released. In this release we added several new features to help users create more flexible URL lists even faster.

Unlimited Varying Numbers

Starting with version 1.3 Extreme URL Generator does not constrain the quantity of Varying Numbers in the URL Template. It means more flexibility and customization for URL list generation process.

Iterate letters, not only digits

And to add even more flexibility Extreme URL Generator now can iterate letters and not only digits. Users now can choose the type of any Varying Number - Digits or Letters. And, of course, letters can be iterated within the previous Varying Number just like digits as well as digits can be iterated within letters.

For example, let's say you need to generate a list of URLs for downloading photos from www.somephotosite.com. The photos are located in 3 folders named photo-gallery-A, photo-gallery-B and photo-gallery-C. And the photo file names start with "photo-" plus a 3-digit number starting with 1 plus ".jpg" extension.

Picture URL Generator settings

Using the above settings Extreme URL Generator generated the following URL list:


As you can see in the above example, letters were used to create an URL list and digits were iterated within letters.

URL list creation speed increased

We improved the URL generating algorithm so now it works 9-10 times faster than in the previous version.