Web thumbnail file names

New version of Extreme Thumbnail Generator - software that allows to create web thumbnail galleries with just a couple of mouse clicks - was released. One of the new features in this release is advanced thumbnail file names customization. Now you can use any image information to create a unique file name for the thumbnail of that image. Even EXIF tags can be used for web thumbnails!

Click here to download new version of Extreme Thumbnail Generator

How to customize thumbnail file names

After all desired images are added to the project, you can open the gallery Options and select the Thumbnails tab, just like on the screenshot below.

Web photo gallery thumbnails settings

Now click the Thumbnail file names... button to open the Thumbnail file names window.

Web thumbnail file names

This is where the file names for web thumbnails can be customized. Simply type anything you want into the Thumbnail file name template field and preview of thumbnail file names will be automatically refreshed.

It is recommended to use at least one special tag that uses real image file name, like [#image.filename_no_ext#] or [#image.filename#] to make all thumbnail file names unique. You can use the [...] button next to the edit field to insert any special tag.

Insert image special tag