Save entire website to your hard disk

with Extreme Picture Finder - software for Microsoft Windows

New version of Extreme Picture Finder was released. In this version we improved the web page parsing algorithm. Now Extreme Picture Finder can parse CSS files to find image links there making it possible to save entire web site content including all elements of the web site design. But don't be confused by the program name - Extreme Picture Finder is capable of finding and downloading not only pictures, but any files of your choice.

Also the built-in picture viewer was improved. In the thumbnails view mode all images are shown now, even if the folder contains 1000+ files (which often happens when people use the built-in Internet picture search engine).

Download Extreme Picture Finder Download Extreme Picture Finder

How to save entire website to your hard disk

First of all you have to download and install the latest version of Extreme Picture Finder. Then launch the program and in the main window click the Create new project to save entire website button or use menu command Project - New project... to open the New Project Wizard window.

Save entire website content with Extreme Picture Finder

Now type the address of the website you want to save. Basically, this is it. You can click Finish button and Extreme Picture Finder will save all images from the website automatically. But if you want to save the entire website, including all pages, images, design graphics and other files that may be there, you have to click Next button several times to reach the Target files step.

Select which files to save from website

Now check the Other files box and type the following file mask: *.* (it means all files). Feel free to click Next button to select the folder on your hard disk where all downloaded files will be saved or click Finish button to start downloading right away!