Thumbnail gallery downloader tool updated

Extreme Picture Finder - award winning thumbnail gallery downloader tool was updated today. We released version In this version we added a new feature that allows to specify whether to send 'Referer' with every HTTP request or not. Also the built-in Google image search was fixed.

The new feature is available in project properties window, the Site exploration: Regular site section. To open the project properties window you can use menu command Project - Project properties....

Thumbnail gallery downloader tool - project settings window

For most of the sites the Send 'Referer' with every request box must be checked to allow Extreme Picture Finder add 'Referer' field to every HTTP request it sends over the Internet. There are sites that will not allow you to download the content if the 'Referer' field is empty or is pointing to other site, so in most cases this box must stay checked.

But other sites, for example password-protected sites with "members" zone full of thumbnail galleries and videos, are protected from automatic downloaders like Extreme Picture Finder. Those sites will not allow download content if the 'Referer' field of the HTTP request is not empty.

So now you can simply turn the Send 'Referer' with every request box off and Extreme Picture Finder will download and automatically save all thumbnail galleries, videos, photos, or any other type of files even from those protected sites!