Create web gallery, let viewer select photos and send selection to your email

If you are a photographer and looking for an easy way to set up photo galleries on your website where viewer can select any number of photos and send the selected photo file names to you via email - look no further. We have the solution. It's a software for Windows called Extreme Thumbnail Generator. This tool was created to let anyone build photo galleries for their websites with just a few mouse clicks. You can take a look at this video tutorial here. It's literally a few mouse clicks.

And now we've created a special gallery template for photographers which allows the viewers to select photos and send their choice to you via email. Please take a look at sample photo gallery we created using this template.

This kind of gallery requires a small one-time set-up procedure and here are the steps you need to take:

1. Download and install Extreme Thumbnail Generator. Click here to get the installation package of the most recent version. Don't worry, it's absolutely free for 20 days so you'll be able to try it and make sure this is the one you need without spending a dime.

2. Download this archive. It contains 2 files: the installation package of the modified gallery template and the PHP script which handles the emails. So extract those files from the archive and run the template installation package (template.exe file).

3. Here goes the tricky part. Open the emailsender.php file in any text editor (Notepad will do just fine) and find the following line in it (around line 10):

$msgTo = '';

Now replace the with the actual email address where you want to receive notifications, save the file and close your text editor.

4. This part is even trickier. You have to upload the modified emailsender.php to the root folder of your server. You can use any third-party FTP software for it (we recommend FileZilla) or your hosting Control Panel tools which allow to upload files. Important thing here is to make sure the file is in the document root folder (usually "public_html" or "www").

That's it, now the set-up is done. If you did everything exactly as described above, then you must be ready to create dozens of galleries on daily basis without any hassle. Just make sure you select the Thumbnails gallery (Photo select) template in the program.

Create website photo gallery, let viewers select photos

A few things to note here.

1. Always upload a gallery into its own folder on your server, never into the root folder (doesn't metter if you use the built-in FTP module or any third-party FTP software).

2. The email script will not work when you view the gallery on your machine. You are still able to view the gallery locally, but the email will start working only once the gallery is uploaded to your server.

3. And, of course, your hosting must provide PHP support, but usually it's not a problem because 99.99% of them do.

If you will have any problems with the above steps - just write us at We'll be glad to help.

If you want a custom template that will match your website theme - please take a look at our custom gallery templates service page. Of course, you can modify any existing template yourself making it work with the email script we provide here. If you decide to take this route - we'll provide you with any information you may need. Feel free to contact us at the above address at any time.