Extreme Internet Software press releases

All-inclusive web picture finder and multimedia content downloader new update

Extreme Internet Software, leading provider of digital imaging software for Internet users, released the new version of Extreme Picture Finder - its all-inclusive web picture finder and multimedia content downloader software which helps people all around the world save countless hours of time by automating routine tasks of web image search and file download.

HTML photo gallery software updated

Extreme Internet Software announced new version of Extreme Thumbnail Generator, its powerful HTML photo gallery software for Windows which lets anyone create professional-looking web photo albums and publish them instantly to a website.

HTML photo album generator that saves a lot of time

Extreme Internet Software announced new version of its easy to use HTML photo album generator. Extreme Thumbnail Generator can save a lot of time to anyone who needs to publish a lot of photos on the web.

Endless Slideshow Screensaver: free screensaver that will never bore you out

Extreme Internet Software announced version 1.2 of its unique desktop screensaver for Windows. Endless Slideshow Screensaver has all the features most ordinary slide show screensavers have: beautiful transition effects, support for all major picture formats, customizable delay between pictures and transition duration. But what makes it unique?

Extreme Picture Finder: Finding Images on the Web Became Easier

Extreme Internet Software announced new version of its popular web multimedia search and download software. This image downloader, Extreme Picture Finder, serves two main purposes. First - it finds images on the web using any given search phrase (keyword). Second - it downloads and saves any files from almost any website automatically: no banners, no pup-ups, no redirects.

A Professional Web Photo Gallery in a Couple of Clicks

Extreme Internet Software announces today the immediate availability of Extreme Thumbnail Generator, version 1.8, an all-in-one application that makes creating a web photo gallery an easy and enjoyable task. Even if you have never created a web photo gallery before, it won't take you more than a couple of minutes to go through four easy steps and become a proud owner of your own web photo gallery. Extreme Thumbnail Generator supports most image formats and is the best assistant in sharing your pictures with the world!

Popular thumbnailed web galleries authoring software updated

Extreme Internet Software announced version 1.7 of its ever popular thumbnailed web galleries authoring software allowing people with no knowledge of HTML publish their digital images on the web easily. Extreme Thumbnail Generator offers self-explanatory wizard style user interface in order to minimize user's involvement in technical aspects of digital image processing. Instead, the program user may concentrate fully on the actual appearance of his digital imagery on the web. It takes four easy steps only from the initial desire to publish photos on the web to automatic upload of customized, ready-to-view image gallery on the web.

Innovative multimedia content searching and downloading suite released!

Extreme Internet Software announced version 3.1.0 of its all-inclusive multimedia files searching and downloading suite allowing PC owners take advantage of using categorized, always-up-to-date library of multimedia content links coming with its own multi-threaded download manager that can be used for simultaneous downloading of digital images, video clips, MP3 music and other types of multimedia files. The application supports up to 30 simultaneous connections to the download site for faster downloading as well as built-in image viewer for the purposes of saving time and enhancing overall comfort!

Live Web Albums Creation Software Suite Released!

Extreme Internet Software announced version 1.4 of its ground-breaking digital imaging software that allows end users with any level of computer experience create live web image collections with stylish thumbnail view and easy navigation. The application operates as a four step wizard guiding the user through the entire process, from choosing the images to publish on the web to creating thumbnails and image pages layout, from retouching and resizing images to compiling the final web album ready to be published on the web.

Is it a thumbnail generator or an image editor? Both!

Extreme Thumbnail Generator is actually an image editor and a web album generator that is specially designed to perform two functions - generate thumbnails and create thumbnail galleries and web photo-albums. The best thing about this handy software is that you don't have to be a digital designer, web master or a computer geek to use the program. Yes, even Uncle Joe can use it!

Extreme Picture Finder: new software that makes downloading pictures from the Internet easy.

Extreme Internet Software has released new version of Extreme Picture Finder, software that allows you to find and download pictures of your interest on the Web. The program has been very popular with digital artists, designers, photographers, webmasters, journalists and other categories of people who need to quickly get pictures from the Web in large volumes - Extreme Picture Finder can download up to 10 pictures simultaneously.