Screensaver slideshow

If you are looking for a free screensaver that can show any photos or pictures in a beautiful slideshow, then you came to the right place. Introducing Endless Slideshow Screensaver - free and unique photo slideshow screensaver with more than 200 stunning transition effects! And you can download and install it right now - just click the link below!

Download free slideshow screensaver now Download free slideshow screensaver now

Here is a brief list of features this screensaver slideshow has:

  • Unlimited number of pictures in the slideshow! We tested the screensaver with more than 15.000 pictures - no problems were found.

  • Adjustable transition duration as well the time interval between pictures. Plus, you can actually choose which transitions you want in the slideshow from the list of more than 200.

  • Automatic photo rotation based on the EXIF data - you'll never see your photos upside-down.

  • Automatic picture resize to make it fit your screen. You can select simple zoom, distort or smart crop. The latter 2 fill your screen entirely, but smart crop retains the original picture proportions.

  • You can choose any background you want for the slideshow - any solid color you like or any picture. And you can set the background picture placement to: normal, stretch or tile to make it fill the entire screen.

  • Display any picture information using overlay text. You can show picture file name, size, the date it was taken and any other EXIF data. Even current date and time can be displayed! Plus you choose the font and placement of any piece of text.

  • Slideshow navigation with the arrow keys. You can also pause the slideshow with the Space bar or set current picture as your desktop wallpaper with a single press of Enter key.

And here is a thing that makes Endless Slideshow Screensaver absolutely unique. You can configure this screensaver to download free wallpapers from the Internet and show them in the slideshow! You only have to select the wallpaper category you like: Nature, Cars, Celebrities, Girls, Men, Anime... There are more than 20 categories to choose from so you'll see only fresh pictures every time the screensaver is on.

So don't wait. Download and install this screensaver slideshow right now. It's absolutely free!

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