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Internet picture search has become faster and easier with the new version of our picture search software - Extreme Picture Finder. In this release we fixed the problem with Ask.com picture search engine, so now users will get more pictures in their search results.

How does the picture search in Extreme Picture Finder work?

Searching the web for pictures with Extreme Picture Finder is extremely easy! Basically, all you have to do is to enter your search phrase and watch thousands of pictures downloaded to your PC! And those who wish to get the most out of the web picture search are given a lot of search options to choose from.

So here are the step-by-step instructions on how to search the web for pictures with Extreme Picture Finder.

1. Download and install the latest version of Extreme Picture Finder from our site.

2. Run Extreme Picture Finder from Windows start menu or Desktop shortcut and using menu command Search - New Search... or pressing Ctrl + N on your keyboard open the New Search Wizard window that allows you to create a new picture search.

Picture search wizard

3. Now you can click the Finish button to start the search immediately or click the Next button to choose the search options.

4. If you clicked the Next button you are taken to the Search mode selection step where you choose one of five different picture search modes. Here they are:

  • Only thumbnails. In this mode Extreme Picture Finder will automatically download and save to your hard disk only thumbnails (or smaller copies) of pictures that match your search phrase. After enough thumbnails are downloaded you can manually choose which full-size images to download.
  • Only full-size images. Using this mode you can find and download full-size image that match your search phrase without downloading the thumbnails. If you wish to limit the size in Kilobytes or in pixels of the pictures to be downloaded, you can do it in the Search Properties window later.
  • Thumbnails and full-size images. This mode combines two previous modes. It downloads the thumbnails along with full-size pictures.
  • Full-size and related images. In this mode Extreme Picture Finder will download full-size pictures that match your search query and then download all pictures that are located on the page where the target full-size picture was found - so called related pictures. All limitations that you set for full-size pictures (in KB and pixels) are applied to all related pictures also.
  • All images. In this mode Extreme Picture Finder will download thumbnaIn this mode Extreme Picture Finder will download thumbnails, full-size pictures and all related pictures found on the page where original picture is located.

5. After the Search mode is selected click Next button to proceed to the Search Engine selection step where you can choose what picture search engines to use in your search.

6. On the next step you can choose the folder where all downloaded pictures will be saved. Click Next button to proceed to the final step.

7. The final step of the New Search Wizard allows you to view the advanced Search properties or start the web picture search immediately by checking the corresponding box and clicking the Finish button.

Below is the screenshot of Extreme Picture Finder after searching the web for pictures using the «mercedes» search phrase.

Picture search software