Web picture grabber integrated with online image gallery software

New version of Extreme Picture Finder - award winning web picture grabber software - was released today. Now it is integrated with online image gallery software called Extreme Thumbnail Generator, so having both programs installed on your machine makes it really easy to find, download, and save images from the web and then create online image gallery using the downloaded images and upload the gallery to the web server via FTP.

Download Extreme Picture Finder Download Extreme Picture Finder

The example below shows how to:

  • Use web picture grabber software to download wallpapers for your desktop
  • Create online image gallery using newly downloaded pictures

Let's take a closer look at Extreme Picture Finder and Extreme Thumbnail Generator work together. For example, you want to download some new wallpapers for your Windows desktop and you want cars. You can open the built-in online project database of the Extreme Picture Finder using the Open the built-in online project database button on the main program window and download one of the ready-to-use projects from the Desktop wallpapers \ Cars category.

Open the built-in online project database

After the project is downloaded, close the online project database explorer, and start the project clicking the Start downloading images button on the main program window. In several minutes you will have several hundreds of fresh cars wallpapers.

Web picture grabber downloading cars wallpapers

After enough wallpapers are downloaded you can easily create your own web image gallery using all images. Simply click the Create online image gallery button on the main program window! If Extreme Thumbnail Generator is not installed on your machine, you will be asked to download and install it. This process is fully automated and takes only a few minutes to complete.

Automatically download Extreme Thumbnail Generator

When Extreme Thumbnail Generator is installed you will see the Web thumbnails gallery images window which allows you to choose the folder with images for your gallery and start Extreme Thumbnail Generator with all selected images.

Web thumbnails gallery images window

By default, the folder that is currently open in Extreme Picture Finder viewer is selected for the online image gallery. But if you want to use images from another folder, you can click the Select a folder for the online image gallery button and select different folder. Click OK button and Extreme Thumbnail Generator will start with all images from the selected folder.

Online image gallery software

Thatís it. Now itís very easy to create an online image gallery in the Extreme Thumbnail Generator. You can watch the online video tutorial or read the Extreme Thumbnail Generator documentation explaining in great details all the stages of gallery creation.