How to download entire sets automatically

Downloading every photo from Flickr sets by hand may become very tiresome if set has more than 20 photos. But it's not a problem for Extreme Picture Finder - automatic photo downloader. Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to download entire set with just a few mouse clicks.

1. Click the link below to download and install the most recent version of Extreme Picture Finder.

2. Run Extreme Picture Finder and create a new project using the Create a new project to download entire set button on the main program window or main menu command Project - New project....

3. Paste the set URL into the Starting address (URL) field of the New Project Wizard window. If this is a private set and requires flickr login - check the This site is password protected and the Manual login (for websites with HTML forms) boxes. Click Next > button.

Download set Flickr downloader Choose file mask to download original photos from flickr

4. Enter set title and choose project category if you want. Click Next >.

5. If you want photos in all size, including thumbnails, mid-size and full-size photos, then just click Next >. If you want only original-size photos then replace the default file mask with the following:


and click Next > button.

6. Choose the folder where Extreme Picture Finder must save the downloaded photos and click Next >.

7. Choose Regular site and click Next >.

8. Select Current directory and deeper and check the Download files from external sites box.

Download entire flick set Download private flickr set Save flickr set

That's it. Now you can click the Finish button, start the project and let Extreme Picture Finder do the rest of the work for you.