Extreme Thumbnail Generator version history

  • Improved support for several image formats, including some RAW formats, webp and others
  • New special tags for thumbnail image width and height in pixels
  • 2 new templates that make use of PhotoSwipe script which allows to use gestures to scroll through full-size images
  • Improved support for EXIF tags
  • Added the ability to use XMP tags from image meta data in image and thumbnail titles
  • New special tag for thumbnails pages which is replaced with HTML list item tags <li> for every image in the project. HTML tag <table> is not used allowing to create even more mobile-friendly photo galleries.
  • New template called Thumbnails list (White) making use of the special tag
  • Fixed a bug where generated gallery was opened not in default browser
  • Page generation speed increased
  • Fixed several small bugs
  • Resizable program interface
  • RAW photo format support
  • Most of the templates are fully or partially responsive now - gallery size is automatically adapted to the screen size
  • New version of Lightbox is now integrated into the program
  • Easy access to the list of additional template files in the built-in template editor
  • Built-in FTP client was improved.
  • Several bugs were fixed, including the one that prevented adding more than 5000 images to the gallery.
  • 2 new gallery templates
  • Thumbnails and image page file name is editable in the built-in template editor now
  • Image pages are not generated if thumbnails are linked directly to images
  • DHTML Window effect which allows to open full-size image pages in JavaScript-generated window. Sample gallery »
  • Brand-new Slide show available for every gallery (and turned on be default in every template). Now the slide show control (image, link or button) is interactive and shows current slide show state (on or off). Sample gallery »
  • Link back from the gallery is more flexible now. You can configure it to be image, button or text link. All these types are shown in different sample galleries.
  • New special tags for current image page file and thumbnails page file name. You can use it for facebook or other social networks.
  • <td> tags of the thumbnails table now have unique id attribute values. It allows creating roll-over effects where both thumbnail title and thumbnail image are used. Sample gallery »
  • IPTC tags support - you can use them in thumbnail or full-size image descriptions, page text and so on
  • Improved EXIF tags support
  • New type of templates - frames with autoscroll (name is " I-Frames autoscroll (Grey))"
  • LightBox fixed - now it works in IE9
  • Added support of RAW files, plus several other file formats, like EPS and many others
  • Batch image processing - now users can process images (resize, create thumbnails, add text and/or logos) without generating other web photo gallery files
  • Improved support of transparency on the overlay logo images
  • Abort gallery generation button. Immediately stops the gallery generation process
  • Clear gallery folder before generation option now works when the gallery is re-generated also
  • New special tag [#imagepage.image_no_anchor_in_link_back#] allows to add the full-size image to the page. If this full-size image is linked back to the thumbnails page, then no anchor with thumbnail number is added to the link address
  • New special tag [#thumbspage.thumbs_free_float#]. It can be used instead of usual thumbnails table tag. All thumbnails will be placed on one page and will occupy entire page width, nomatter what the screen resolution is
  • New gallery template called Auto-wrap thumbnails (Green & White). It uses the above special tag
  • Fixed the ability to change the number of columns and rows in the thumbnails table
  • Thumbnail file names can be generated using image special tags
  • When a project is opened and one or more images is not found - users can skip all images that were not found with a single mouse click
  • New template that uses background image for thumbnails - Fixed thumbnails (Grey Shadow)
  • Thumbnail generation for smaller images improved
  • Empty thumbnail file name prefix is now available
Version 1.14
  • Added a slide show option to the image pages
  • Fixed a minor Lightbox display bug
  • Fixed a minor bug with EXIF fields display
  • Added default gallery folder name on server. It must not be blank when gallery is uploaded
  • Fixed a minor Lightbox bug that appeared only in Internet Explorer
Version 1.13
  • When a project is opened and image file is not found, user can select new location of the missing image
  • Several smaller enhancements and bugfixes
Version 1.12
  • Users can add link to the original photo from the page where full-size preview of that photo is shown
Version 1.11
  • New special tags that allow adding single thumbnails to the page (not a whole thumbnails table). It will allow create pure CSS photo galleries
  • Single gallery page can have more than one thumbnails table plus any number of «single» thumbnails
  • LightBox 2 - beautiful JavaScript special effect can be added to any gallery with a single mouse click
  • Different thumbnails can have different size on a single gallery page
  • Custom link address from any thumbnail in the gallery (instead of default address to a full-size image page or to a full-size image file)
  • 3 new gallery templates that use new features
Version 1.10.1
  • Several new "special tags" added
Version 1.10
  • Gallery CSS file can be edited in the built-in template editor now
  • Two new types of navigation between gallery pages are now available: drop-down list and numbered links to all pages on every page
  • We added 3 new templates to demonstrate new navigation possibilities and introduced new template type: I-Frames
  • Preserve original EXIF information in thumbnails and modified full-size images
  • Automatic update check reminder
  • Several small bugfixes
  • Now users can add custom attributes to the image and link tags of the gallery
  • Improved the speed of all operations in the image list (deletion, movement and others)
  • Added the possibility to move all selected images to the top or bottom of the list with a single mouse click
  • The default Internet browser is now opened correctly for viewing the generated gallery
  • Fixed the FTP publisher bug
  • Added a thumbnail cache for image preview
Version 1.9.1
  • Optional link from thumbnail title (points to the same address as the link from the thumbnail image)
  • Customizable full-size image ALT attribute text
  • Thumbnail images can be used instead of arrows or text to navigate between image pages. New special tags were created for this purpose.
  • Import image descriptions from text files
  • New gallery re-generation options: now users can re-generate selected thumbnails and/or full-size images.
  • The program files folder location can be changed from the program settings window.
Version 1.8.6
  • FTP settings wizard bug fixed
Version 1.8.5
  • Improved image list sort. Now digits in the image file name are taken into consideration
  • Users can remove and rename templates now
Version 1.8.4
  • New special tag that allows to create a link from the image page to the thumbnails page without adding the anchor for the thumbnails row.
  • Move images up and down in the list can be done by holding the corresponding buttons instead of clicking them every time.
Version 1.8.3
  • Users have now more control over the image pages file name. We added a possibility to include/exclude the image file extension in the image page file name.
Version 1.8.2
  • New option in the multi-line text editor. It allows not to add <br /> tag at the end of every line automatically.
Version 1.8.1
  • New special tags in the thumbnails and image page navigation menu
Version 1.8
  • Every image can have two descriptions now: short and long
  • Multi-line editor for image descriptions, page headers, etc.
  • New default gallery folder for every new project
  • Random sort order in the image list
  • Now every part of the gallery (thumbnails, full-size images, template files, pages) can be saved into a custom-named sub-folder
  • Customizable link under the full-size image
  • Automatically rotate images when they are added to the list using EXIF information
  • Customizable link back from the gallery
  • Check for updates from the main program menu
  • EXIF: Date/time original and EXIF: Date/time digitized are now formatted according to the Windows date/time settings
  • Works under non-administrative accounts on Windows Vista
Version 1.7
  • Re-generate gallery options. Users can re-generate only a part of the gallery now.
  • Rename images in the image list
  • Drag-and-drop images in the image list
  • Minor improvements to the built-in FTP client
Version 1.6
  • Shadow effect for thumbnails and full-size images
  • Advanced page file name settings
  • A new option that allows you to draw text and logos only on full-size images, leaving the thumbnails intact
  • New gallery template that uses the shadow effect
Version 1.5
  • FTP gallery publisher which allows users to upload all gallery files with a couple of mouse clicks
  • Image list can now contain virtually unlimited number of images
  • Several minor bugs were fixed
Version 1.4
  • The brand-new template editor with HTML syntax highlight and the editor of default settings
  • Generate galleries without image pages - thumbnails are linked directly to images
  • New thumbnail resize methods
  • All templates were reworked. Also we have added a couple of new templates
  • Some minor bugs were fixed
Version 1.3
  • Draw text on images - a great option for copyrights and watermarks
  • Overlay images - draw your logo on images
  • Right-click menu on Image list
  • Image properties window (with EXIF support)
  • Different image resize filters
  • New special tags. You can now automatically add EXIF information to the pages
Version 1.2
  • Image effects: blur, anti-alias, emboss, gray scale, and so on
  • Improved thumbnail image quality
  • Exchangeable Image File Format support (read only)
  • Several useful settings in the new Settings dialog
  • Images are added to the image list much faster
  • Several new templates
Version 1.1
  • Rotate images
  • History of projects in main menu for quick loading
  • Several new special tags
  • New image list sort order (by image creation date)
  • Drag and drop files and folders from Windows Explorer right into the image list
  • Double-click on the .etg file (Extreme Thumbnail Generator project) in Windows Explorer opens it in Extreme Thumbnail Generator