Thumbnail gallery of your photos - easy as 1-2-3!

Creating a thumbnail gallery can be very time-consuming if you have several hundreds photos. You have to create thumbnail from every photo, create index page or pages with those thumbnails, create a page for every photo and then link all those page together. It can take hours, if not days!

But there is an easier way to do that! Extreme Thumbnail Generator can automate most of the above actions and save you hours and hours of your time! It'll create a thumbnail gallery of your photos in minutes! Just take a look:

Choose photos for the thumbnail gallery Select thumbnail gallery template Generate thumbnail gallery
Step 1: Choose photos   Step 2: Select gallery template   Step 3: Generate the gallery

This is it! 3 easy steps and your thumbnail gallery is ready! Now you can view it in your browser or publish it on your website using built-in FTP publishing module!

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Thumbnail gallery types

Extreme Thumbnail Generator offers you endless customization of your galleries. You can change anything in the gallery settings or in the gallery template. You can create custom gallery templates that will match the design of other pages of your website. And here is the list of gallery types that Extreme Thumbnail Generator supports.

Fixed thumbnails table gallery

This gallery type shows thumbnails in a table with fixed number of rows and columns. You can easily change this number in the gallery options. If you have more photos than one thumbnails table can contain, then another index page is created with the same thumbnails table.

Fixed thumbnails table gallery

Auto-wrap thumbnails gallery

This gallery type shows all thumbnails on one page. It shows one thumbnail after another until entire page width is filled. Then it wraps to the next line. This kind of thumbnail gallery will fit any browser window size and any screen resolution.

Auto-wrap thumbnails gallery

Free position thumbnails gallery

Extreme Thumbnail Generator allows creating thumbnails pages where thumbnails are placed anywhere on the page. Not in a table, not in a row - just anywhere. You can position every thumbnail individually in this gallery type.

Free position thumbnails gallery
Thumbnail gallery with different-sized thumbnails

Thumbnail gallery with HTML frames

This type of galleries uses HTML frames to show both thumbnails and full-size images at the same time. Usually the thumbnails frame has a table with only 1 row or only 1 column showing all thumbnails. Even the HTML <iframe tag can be used in this type of galleries.

HTML frames thumbnail gallery
Thumbnail gallery with HTML iframe-s


You can find several example galleries created with Extreme Thumbnail Generator here. But it's better to download the program and try it yourself. It's absolutely free for to try!