Using query string to name downloaded files

Extreme Picture Finder allows you to download all files from a website automatically and save them to your hard disk. But what if you do not want original file names? Especially when all files you downloading and saving are generated by a single script?

Let's take images, for example. You can often see all images on a website generated by a file called image.php or view.php. For example:

If you leave original file name, then all your image file names will look like this:


And so on. But now there is a better way! New version of Extreme Picture Finder allows you to use HTTP query string to create unique file names for files generated by one script! All you have to do is to open the project properties and select the Naming section:

Using query string for file names

Here you can check the Use query string for file name box to let Extreme Picture Finder know you want unique file names based on HTTP query string. Now, if we take the above example, then result file names will be:


But this is not good enough. Now you can check the Use value of the following parameter box and enter id in the edit field (just like on the screenshot above). It will tell Extreme Picture Finder to use only the value of query string parameter called id. And the resulting file names will be:


Now this looks much better! And one last thing: you can make all files have JPG extension automatically. Simply check the Change the file extension to box and enter jpg in the corresponding edit box.