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Generate a web photo gallery

Here is a simple, step-by-step tutorial on web photo gallery generation in Extreme Thumbnail Generator.

Step 1: Add images

To generate a web photo gallery you have to add the images first. You can add individual images using the Add individual images button or you can add all images from the selected folder using the Add all images from folder button. After the images are added you can give each image a unique description (short and/or long), rotate them, add special effects. Click Next button to proceed to step 2.

Add images to the web photo gallery

Step 2: Select a template

Extreme Thumbnail Generator offers you many gallery templates to choose from. You just have to click on the template name in the Gallery templates list and the small preview of the gallery will appear next to the list.

Also on this step you can change the default Gallery title and select the folder on your hard disk, where all gallery files will be saved after the gallery is generated.

Click Next button to proceed to step 3.

Select a web photo gallery template

Step 3: Options

On this step you can customize the gallery appearance in many different ways. You can change the size of the thumbnail images, and add a shadow effect to them; add header and/or footer text to the gallery pages, choose what text to display under the full-size image; add a link back from the gallery and many, many more.

But for your first gallery it is recommended to leave all the default settings as they are. So you can just click Next button to proceed to step 4.

Customize your web photo gallery

Step 4: Generate and view the gallery

Now you can click the Generate button and watch your gallery being generated. And when it is ready, click the View button to open the new gallery in your default Internet browser.

Generate a web photo gallery

Now you can go back to any previous step to add or remove images, to choose another gallery template or to modify the gallery options if you are not satisfied with your gallery. Then return to this step again and click Generate button to apply all changes you've made to the gallery.

And when you are finally happy with your gallery, you can publish it on the Web via FTP or create a ZIP archive with all gallery files to send it via email.

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