Extreme Thumbnail Generator sample galleries

Web photo galleries listed below were created with Extreme Thumbnail Generator using different templates. Currently Extreme Thumbnail Generator has more than 30 built-in gallery templates for you to choose from. But you are not limited to the built-in templates. You can easily edit them or create your own. Plus we offer a service of custom template creation.

Basic web photo gallery

Basic web photo galleryThis photo gallery was created using basic template: no frames, no Lightbox - just plain HTML. It uses «numbered links» navigation between pages and has the slide show feature. Also it shows the ability of Extreme Thumbnail Generator to name image pages using image file name.

This is one of the gallery templates which can be easily customized to match any website.

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Sample gallery with Lightbox effect

Lightbox photo galleryThis sample gallery shows beautiful JavaScript effect called Lightbox. This effect can be used with almost any template in Extreme Thumbnail Generator which doesn't use frames. Make sure your browser allows runnig JavaScript before viewing the gallery.
Also this gallery shows Extreme Thumbnail Generator's ability to create galleries where all thumbnails are located on one page.

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Sample gallery with DHTML Window

DHTML Window photo galleryThis gallery uses DHTML Window JavaScript effect to show full-size images. It works almost like Lightbox but allows to link thumbnail to image pages, not directly to full-size photos, which gives you way more flexibility with your galleries.

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Responsive IFrames photo gallery

Web photo gallery showing thumbnails and full-size photo on the same pageThis gallery uses HTML <iframe... tag to show both thumbnails and full-size images inside one window. It is also responsive, which means the gallery adapts to the screen size automatically.

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Vertical frames photo gallery

Vertical frames photo galleryThis gallery uses HTML frames to show both thumbnails and full-size images inside one window. You can scroll the thumbnails frame to view the thumbnail images and click any of them to view the full-size image.

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Horizontal frames photo gallery

Horizontal frames photo galleryThis gallery uses HTML frames to show both thumbnails and full-size images inside one window. Plus it gives a lot of space to the right of the full-size photo for the detailed information about the photo. You can easily show EXIF tags from your photos in any gallery, just like in this one.

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Sample gallery with "drop-down list" navigation

Drop-down list photo gallery navigationThis gallery uses HTML buttons to go through pages, start or pause slide show and other navigation controls. Plus, it has the drop-down list which allows to access any page directly, without going through other pages. Full-size photo pages of this gallery show how easy it is to integrate third-page HTML code using page header and footer fields in the program - just copy/paste your HTML and that's it.

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Mobile-friendly responsive photo gallery

Mobile-friendly responsive photo galleryThis gallery uses Bootstrap framework to make sure all photos and thumbnails are displayed correctly on any device, including mobile phones, tablets and desktop. Extreme Thumbnail Generator is flexible engough to make use of third-party frameworks.

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e-shop photo gallery

e-shop photo galleryThis sample gallery shows how Extreme Thumbnail Generator can be used to create e-commerce catalog pages.

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