Extreme Thumbnail Generator interface translations

English language is included into the Extreme Thumbnail Generator installation package. Modules for other languages can be downloaded here. Simply download the installation package for the language you need, close Extreme Thumbnail Generator if it is open and run the downloaded file. It will install the interface translation automatically.

Language Updated for version Download
Arabic 2.1 arab_setup.exe
Brazilian Portuguese 2.3.1 pt-br_setup.exe
Bulgarian 2.0 bul_setup.exe
Czech 2.3.1 cz_setup.exe
Dutch 2.0 dut_setup.exe
French 2.0 fr_setup.exe
German 2.0 de_setup.exe
Hungarian 1.18 hu_setup.exe
Italian 2.3.1 it_setup.exe
Macedonian 2.3.1 mc_setup.exe
Russian 2.3.1 ru_setup.exe
Spanish 1.19 es_setup.exe
Turkish 1.19 tr_setup.exe

Free registration offer for translators

We need help translating the program interface into different languages. If your native language is not already in the list of interface languages (or the translation was not updated for the latest version of the program) and you can help us with the translation, then write us a message and name the language. We'll send you back the instructions on how to do the translation. After the job is finished you'll get a free registration for your help!