Innovative multimedia content searching and downloading suite released

Extreme Internet Software announced version 3.1.0 of its all-inclusive multimedia files searching and downloading suite allowing PC owners take advantage of using categorized, always-up-to-date library of multimedia content links coming with its own multi-threaded download manager that can be used for simultaneous downloading of digital images, video clips, MP3 music and other types of multimedia files. The application supports up to 30 simultaneous connections to the download site for faster downloading as well as built-in image viewer for the purposes of saving time and enhancing overall comfort!

Extreme Picture Finder is intended for a broad range of computer users who would like to access and download categorized multimedia content from the web via convenient file downloading shell and save time on searching for specific content. The application allows its users worldwide share information on various sources of multimedia content, such as image and movie posts, music catalogues, TGP sites and so on. The user simply downloads an always-up-to-date list of web sites, providing media files and then can start downloading multimedia content from any category immediately! The application offers two approaches to organizing downloads: the simplified 'click-and-go' interface and the advanced per-project settings, that include specifying file size, image properties, date of creation boundaries etc. - all to make finding and downloading exactly the content needed a snap!

"As we have studied the existing multimedia content searching and download solutions, both local and web-based, we have found many great ideas of sharing media files, however none of the solutions provides the entire process automation," - said Maxim Reva the CEO of Extreme Internet Software. "Our goal was to create an interactive bridge between existing online multimedia files collections and the end user who prefers searching for data basing on his own perceptions of digital imagery, music and videos categorization!"

According to Mr. Reva,

"Extreme Internet Software did its best to come up with feature-packed yet easy to use multimedia content searching and downloading solution that utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to make downloading thematic multimedia content a breeze!"

About Extreme Internet Software

Founded in 2001, Extreme Internet Software specializes in developing high quality software solutions for Internet users. The Company focuses on creating image processing and multimedia content distribution software for everyday use. The major goal of Extreme Internet Software is to keep bringing advanced solutions for users with any level of computer experience at an affordable price. Latest technologies utilized in the Company's products allow for complete automation of routine digital imaging and online presentation tasks. Extreme Internet Software R&D specialists work in tight co-operation with industry's leading web designers as well as with casual users to provide solutions that suite actual users' demands best.

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