Is it a thumbnail generator or an image editor? Both!

Extreme Thumbnail Generator is actually an image editor that is specially designed to perform two functions - generate thumbnails and create thumbnail galleries and web photo-albums. The best thing about this handy software is that you don't have to be a digital designer, web master or a computer geek to use the program. Yes, even Uncle Joe can use it!

Application's straightforward wizard-like interface guides through the entire process step by step. However, the fact that the program is simple and easy to use does not mean that application is intended exclusively for the beginners. Quite the opposite, Extreme Thumbnail Generator comes jam-packed with tools most often requested by the professionals - support for all common image formats (jpg, gif, bmp, tiff and others), customizable templates and image editing options.

The new improved version of the program comes with special effects features (Emboss, Blur, Noise, Invert, Gray Scale, Brightness, Contrast, Anti-alias and others) that can greatly improve the quality of images and thumbnails generated.

The program can be used for a variety of applications - online catalogs, goods and services presentations, picture galleries, family and wedding albums, even marketing materials. A picture is worth a thousand words - that's how the proverb goes. When it comes to online businesses, people quickly learn - no pictures, no sales. And the best way to quickly create a quality thumbnail gallery without spending hundreds of dollars is with Extreme Thumbnail Generator.

About Extreme Internet Software

Founded in 2001, Extreme Internet Software specializes in developing high quality software solutions for Internet users. The Company focuses on creating image processing and multimedia content distribution software for everyday use. The major goal of Extreme Internet Software is to keep bringing advanced solutions for users with any level of computer experience at an affordable price. Latest technologies utilized in the Company's products allow for complete automation of routine digital imaging and online presentation tasks. Extreme Internet Software R&D specialists work in tight co-operation with industry's leading web designers as well as with casual users to provide solutions that suite actual users' demands best.

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