Download Images in a Click with a New Version of Extreme Picture Finder

Extreme Picture Finder, a utility to automatically download images, videos and music from Internet, is now updated to version 3.34 bringing in easier management of thousands of files, improved performance and new auto-naming features.

The Internet today is a universal storage for everything: images, movies, music, books. Yet the need to download some information to a local computer is still here. A few pictures are usually not a problem at all, but when it comes to hundreds or even thousands of files, manual downloading is way too slow.

Extreme Picture Finder allows users to download tons of media files with a click. The tool scans the provided URL – an image stock, a photo collection or a video gallery – and automatically downloads all files of the specified format from there. Files are saved locally under unique names. Automatic download from over 1000 websites (including popular images stocks, galleries and hubs) is already available as the built-in database of projects.

Importantly, Extreme Picture Finder can also find images to download. If there is no URL to feed to the program, a user can simply type a keyword, like "blue Ferrari Enzo" or "Forrest Gump", and the tool quickly gets back with more than a thousand of high quality image files.

The new version returns more images after keyword search, offers more flexible file naming rules that can even include regular expressions, and features significantly improved performance while processing large-scale galleries.

Pricing and availability

Extreme Picture Finder requires Microsoft Windows to run. The program costs $29.95 for a time unlimited version with one year of free updates. The cost of Extreme Picture Finder with free lifetime updates is $49.95. A 20-day free trial version with no functional limitations is also available for download.


Extreme Internet Software develops end user software products since 2001. Currently, the product range of the company includes Extreme Picture Finder, Extreme Thumbnail Generator, Extreme URL Generator and Endless Slideshow Screensaver.


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Contact person: Maxim Reva
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