How to generate URL list

Extreme URL Generator creates URL lists by replacing special parts in the URL template - placeholders with the values generated in the corresponding Iterators. So, the basic steps are:

  1. Put an URL into the URL Template(s) field and add "[1]" into the place where generated values should be inserted. For example:[1].jpg

  2. In section [ 1 ] of the Iterators list select the iterator type and set up the iterator limits. For example, if you need to generate 10 URLs with sequential numbers from 1 to 10 - select the Sequential numbers in the Iterator type list, set From to "1", To to "10", Step to "1" and Minimum digits to "1".

    URL list generator
  3. Click Generate URL list button and get your resulting list immediately.

    Generated URL list

So, how does the program work. First, it identifies, that you have "[1]" in your URL template, which means that settings from section [ 1 ] in the Iterators list will be used. Then it takes the first value from the iterator's range and replaces the "[1]" text in the URL template with that value to create a new URL. The first value is "1", so the result is:

After that the program takes the next value of the iterator and generates another URL by replacing "[1]" in the URL template with the new value:

This action is repeated until the value from the To is reached.

This was the most basic example of what Extreme URL Generator can do. It has different iterator types and can "iterate" one iterator within another to create massive unique lists.

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