Extreme URL Generator interface translations

English language is the default language in Extreme URL Generator. It is included in the program installation package. Below is the list of all available interface translation packages. Simply download and run the translation installation package to add new language to the program automatically.

Language Updated for version Download
Arabic 2.0.2 arab-setup.exe
German 2.0.2 de-setup.exe
French 2.0.2 fr-setup.exe
Macedonian 2.0.2 mk-setup.exe
Russian 2.0.2 ru-setup.exe
Ukrainian 2.0.2 ua-setup.exe
Vietnamese 2.0.2 vi-setup.exe

Free registration offer for translators

We need help with the translation of Extreme URL Generator interface. If the language you can translate into is not listed above, or the translation is not updated for the most recent version of the program - we will give you a license to the program for your help! Please write us at support@exisoftware.com, tell us the language you want to help us with and we'll send you back the instructions. Once the job is done you will get your personal free Extreme URL Generator license!