Iterator types

Iterators in Extreme URL Generator are used to generate values of different types in specified limits. These values are then used to substitute the placeholders in URL templates to create actual resulting URLs. Thus, every iterator must have a corresponding placeholder in every URL template of the project.

The list of all iterators in the project is shown in the Iterators section of the main program window. Every project must have at least one iterator. The maximum number of iterators is not limited.

Types of iterators

Add iterator button located under the Iterators section in the main program window is used to add a new iterator to the project. The Remove iterator button removes the last iterator in project if there is more than one iterator.

Values, generated by the iterators, depend on the iterator type. Iterator type is selected using the drop-down list at the beginning of every iterator section. The following iterator types are available:

The Iterate within [x] box at the end of every iterator section (except for the first one) tells the program to create all values of this iterator for every value from the previous iterator. For example, this URL template has 2 placeholders for 2 iterators:[1]/file-[2].pdf

Nested iterators

And if the Iterate within [1] box is checked in the second iterator, then every value of iterator [ 2 ] will be created for every value of iterator [ 1 ]:

If the Iterate within [1] is not checked, then the iterator values are created independently of each other and the result is:

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