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How do I save generated URLs?

The basics

To save the generated URL list into a text file you have to click the Save... button under the list. Or press Ctrl + S on your keyboard.

Generated URL list

After that you will see the following Save URL list window.

Save URL list window

In this window you have to enter the file name or select one using the [ ... ] button. Clicking OK button now will save the entire URL list into the selected file.

All URLs in a single line

You can save the entire URL list as a single line, i.e. the resulting text file will not contain the END OF LINE symbols after each URL. To do so simply clear the Each URL occupies a single line in the file box.

Prefix and Suffix

If you need some text to precede each URL in the saved file, then you can set the Add prefix box and enter your text into the corresponding field. Whenever you type another symbol into the Prefix field, the Preview area is automatically updated.

Also if you need any text to follow each URL in the resulting text file - set the Add suffix box and enter the text into the corresponding field.

Another useful thing about the prefix and suffix - they can contain the URL number. All you need is to add the URL Number macro to the text of the prefix or suffix.