Save generated URL list to a file

Saving a generated URL list to a file requires only a file name, the rest of the parameters are used to modify the format of the resulting file. Thus, you can click the Select file name button in the Output file name and format section to select the file name or simply type the file name into the field and then click OK button to save the URL list.

Save URL list to a file

File lines settings

Options in this section control the format and quantity of the lines in the resulting output file.

  • If One URL per line box is checked, then the program will place every generated URL into its own line in the output file by adding the "new line" characters (CR LF) after every URL:


    Otherwise, all URLs will be saved one after another, without any characters between them:


  • If Maximum URLs per file box is checked, then Extreme URL Generator will save up to a specified number of URLs into one file and if the generated list has more URLs, then the program will create more files, adding a number to the file name, like this:

    result (001).txt
    result (002).txt
    result (003).txt

Prefix and Suffix

These fields allow you to add any text in front of every URL (prefix) and at the end of every URL (suffix) when they are saved to the file. Simply check the corresponding box and enter your text. This text can contain the URL's number - click Add URL number button to set the URL number format.

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