Download files from URL list

This window allows you to modify some basic properties of the Extreme Picture Finder project, which is used to download files from the URL list - Project title and Target files.

Download URL list - basic settings

Once you click OK button - new Extreme Picture Finder project file will be created with all the URLs from the generated list and the title that you set in the Project title field. This project file is saved to the Extreme URL Generator sub-folder and Extreme Picture Finder will open with the newly created project selected and ready to start the download process.

URL list downloader

The Extensions of files to download and save (Target files) must contain the Windows file extension of the files you want to save from your generated URL list. For example:


This field can have only one extension. If your generated list has files with different extensions and you want to save them all - you can add all missing extensions in the Extreme Picture Finder, the project properties window.

Files to save from URL list

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