Extreme Thumbnail Generator - powerful web photo album software

for Microsoft Windows

Can web photo album software be easy to use, user-friendly and powerful at the same time? Yes, it can! Introducing Extreme Thumbnail Generator - wizard-style web photo album software which creates beautiful web photo albums of your digital photos.

Basically, all you need to do to create a web photo album is to add your photos, select album template and click the Generate button. Extreme Thumbnail Generator will do the rest for you. It will create HTML pages, thumbnails and optimize your photos for web automatically. You can see our web photo album software in action in this short video tutorial.

For advanced users Extreme Thumbnail Generator offers endless customization of web photo albums. It comes with many ready-to-use templates with different styles, colors and layouts. You can change the thumbnails size, shrink original photos, add frames, shadows and special effects to the photos in the album, use EXIF information in page titles or even print it on the photos! Extreme Thumbnail Generator supports all major image formats (jpg, png, gif, bmp and others).

After the web photo album is ready you can publish it on any website using the Extreme Thumbnail Generator's built-in publishing module. It will upload all album files via FTP automatically.

What users say about Extreme Thumbnail Generator:

I'm a part time photographer (full time Network Engineer). I'm using your software to generate HTML pages for my website so that I may sell event photos. Currently, I'm shooting youth golf tournaments. The process of taking 1700 images at one time, and getting them put into a neat gallery for prospective customers to purchase was daunting and time consuming, at best. Your program has made my job of getting images formatted and put into a web gallery a breeze. I wish I had found it a couple of weeks ago. It would have saved me a LOT of time. As it stands, I will put your program to extensive use on a regular basis (as long as event photography is profitable for me).

I just had to e-mail and let you know how amazing I think this software is. I was trying to setup my daughter a website and wanted to do several photo gallery's and this software makes it so easy to integrate into any website that an amateur like me can do it. Thank you so much for developing this and allowing me to share my pictures to all my distant family members! This truly is, hands down, the best piece of Internet content development software I have ever used!

More information about Extreme Thumbnail Generator is available on the official product page. Also you can read the step-by-step instructions how to create your first web photo album with Extreme Thumbnail Generator.