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How do I download generated URL list?

You can easily download and save the entire URL list with just a couple of mouse clicks. First of all, please make sure that Extreme Picture Finder is installed on your machine. Extreme Picture Finder allows you to download and save any files from the Internet automatically. Extreme URL Generator is integrated with Extreme Picture Finder, so you will not have to learn anything about Extreme Picture Finder.

Generated URL list

After your URL list is generated click the Download... button or press Ctrl + D on your keyboard to open the Extreme Picture Finder project properties window.

Extreme Picture Finder project properties window

This window allows you to enter the project name and a target file extension for Extreme Picture Finder. Extreme URL Generator automatically creates and saves a project file for Extreme Picture Finder using the name you enter in this window. The project is placed under the Extreme URL Generator category in the Extreme Picture Finder. After you click OK Extreme Picture Finder is launched and the newly created project is selected and ready. Now you just have to click the Start / Resume button in the Extreme Picture Finder or select menu command Download -> Start / Resume to start downloading.