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Extreme Thumbnail Generator

Do you have a lot of photos you want to share with your friends and family? Are you a professional photographer and want to sell your photos from your website? Maybe you need a photo gallery for your online store? Then we have a perfect tool for you!

Extreme Thumbnail Generator is a powerful, yet easy to use HTML photo gallery software. It will let you make beautiful web photo album with just a few mouse clicks! Even if you know nothing about the HTML and image processing - the result will be outstanding!

On the other hand, you have the full control over the look and feel of your pages - all gallery templates are plain HTML files, so you can easily customize them using the built-in template editor or your favorite HTML editor. When your gallery is ready you can immediately upload it to your website using the built-in FTP publisher module.

Sill not sure if Extreme Thumbnail Generator is the right tool for you? Then download and try it for free!


  • Very easy to use - it will take you less than 5 minutes to create your first HTML photo gallery. And you do not have to learn neither HTML or CSS!

  • Powerful - all popular image formats are supported (jpg, png, gif, bmp and others). You can use EXIF tags in the page or image titles or print them on your images, create beautiful galleries with modern Lightbox effect or slide show.

  • Flexible - all galleries are fully customizable and you can easily save the customized gallery template for later use. Gallery templates are plain HTML files.

  • Immediately available - download and install now and publish your first gallery right away! The trial version does not add any unwanted text to the generated images or HTML pages.

What users say about Extreme Thumbnail Generator

I'm a part time photographer (full time Network Engineer). I'm using your software to generate HTML pages for my website so that I may sell event photos. Currently, I'm shooting youth golf tournaments. The process of taking 1700 images at one time, and getting them put into a neat gallery for prospective customers to purchase was daunting and time consuming, at best. Your program has made my job of getting images formatted and put into a web gallery a breeze. I wish I had found it a couple of weeks ago. It would have saved me a LOT of time. As it stands, I will put your program to extensive use on a regular basis (as long as event photography is profitable for me).

I have used a number of different programs including some of those built into my existing software. They inherently had problems such as very slow processing of the images for the web or lack of control over the galleries or display of the photo gallery. ETG has solved that. I searched the web and tried numerous programs and they all had something missing. ETG gave me all of the functionality I needed, it was fast, customizable, and easy to learn and use. Having some basic HTML experience the galleries are also easily edited for custom touches to my photo galleries. All the others are gone and ETG is it. If you try the demo you WILL buy it.

I just had to e-mail and let you know how amazing I think this software is. I was trying to setup my daughter a website and wanted to do several photo gallery's and this software makes it so easy to integrate into any website that an amateur like me can do it. Thank you so much for developing this and allowing me to share my pictures to all my distant family members! This truly is, hands down, the best piece of Internet content development software I have ever used!

Extreme Thumbnail Generator is an easy way to generate custom gallery pages. As I worked with the artist to create her web site, she had very definite ideas of the look she wanted, and it was easy to use this software product to achieve her goals. By providing the web site developer with editable templates and a high degree of control, every site can display a distinctive design.

Recently I downloaded four software programs with the aim of finding an easy to use program that would help me put my digital images on my website. Before I used a HTML editor but as it is a hobby and I don't do it every day the learning was too slow and I found that not very satisfactory.

Important criteria then in choosing this new software were that I would not have to learn HTML or JavaScript in any great depth, that the software would be easy to use ("intuitive"), that it would allow some personal touches and that the resulting website would not distract from my images (family and travel photos).

As I always read evaluations by other people before I buy software, I thought I'd write an evaluation about Extreme Thumbnail Generator, especially as I am very enthusiastic about this software.

Extreme Thumbnail Generator was the only one out of the four programs I tried that produced an already satisfactory web album in less than ten minutes (including learning how the program worked). The interface is neat and totally self explanatory and (as you get used to the program) allows extra possibilities for adding your own touch. With this program I also no longer bother editing my images for posting on the web (which used to take me hours!) as the program works with all image formats and file sizes I feed into it (JPG, PNG, BMP) generating thumbnail and images in a format and size I choose (I can feed one "big mess" of files into it and have a neat and tidy web album five minutes later). There is also the possibility of choosing for page file names if you want to generate several albums for your website with unique and recognizable filenames.

I hope my evaluation helps other people make a good choice, for me Extreme Thumbnail Generator has proved both the solution and also more than it's money's worth (paying online and receiving a serial number back went very easy and fast).

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Extreme Thumbnail Generator was, probably the 4th program I had tested and\or purchased. Some came close, but ETG was head and shoulders the best. Easy to update galleries, easy to publish, and very easy to create awesome galleries. I have learned some HTML along my website creating days, which did help to customize my templates. The program works great with Frontpage. I used the inline frames feature of Frontpage to embed my galleries directly into my website for a very professional, seamless album viewing for the visitors. I figured that out all by myself! Great program, loads quickly when you open it and you can make hundreds of great looking galleries. Thank you ETG!

Your modular approach to building a photo gallery is very flexible, and quite robust - and the ability to build or modify gallery templates and/or gallery-generation parameters, on the fly, is extraordinary! For your users that are using a portal application, such as, DotNetNuke, please note that the ETG photo galleries work great in an iframe.

Using ETG is a huge improvement over how I did the site last year. Last years photos of each game were displayed in a collage of medium-sized pictures. Now with ETG, the pages load faster and users can click to see the full-sized pictures, and it takes me a fraction of the time to make the photo pages. Great product!

I recently lost my beautiful wife of 37 years to cancer. After digging through the many pictures I wanted to put together an album of her life and times to share with friends and family. After looking at several solutions I bought ETG and am glad I did. With a little knowledge of CSS and HTML templates are easy to edit and there's a lot of depth to this program. Thanks for helping in more ways than one.

I purchased ETG a couple of weeks ago because I had 400 photographs from my sister's wedding to put up on my web site. After starting to do this manually, I quickly ended up searching for an automated way to do it and discovered ETG. In 2 words: "It's wonderful!". I've already demonstrated it to a colleague at work who promptly purchased it to generate pictures of his newly purchased house for his web site.

I kept looking and found little that met my requirements. Many of the tools I tried fell short on one or more points and I'm not yet willing to compromise. Some output beautiful, valid XHTML code, with no way to customize to a useful degree. Others provided no template mechanism, just some built in themes. Most are quite useful for sharing family photos or vacation shots, but not as the workhorse of a commercial photography website.

I finally demoed Extreme Thumbnail Generator from Extreme Internet Software. This tool hit the mark on the template requirement, and has enough options to allow me almost full control over gallery generation.

You have a set of images (presumably photos) and want to publish them in the web. You don't want them to be published like, "John, you can download the archive with photos from my FTP", you would rather have a gallery, with thumbnails for each image on several pages and personal pages for each image, cool styles and ... The problem is you are bothered or can't do this all "by hands". The solution is - to do all that in four easy steps of Extreme Thumbnail Generator.

I found Extreme Thumbnail Generator so easy to use to create great looking photo pages. It took just minutes to produce my first gallery. The default options work brilliantly, but what I also like is the flexibility provided by ETG to tailor the pages to look and work exactly how I want them - just in case I want something a bit different. Excellent tool.

Like many people all over the world, I have millions of photos at home. Photos dated four or five generations ago, till the most recent dgital ones. Millions... Like many people all over the world, when I decide to look for a photo... it takes almost a generation to find it... From shooe boxes till some particular envelope in the garage, photos are all over the house, silent and hidden for all the etternity. It's a disaster!

I decided now to put an end to this situation. I looked all over the web for the easiest way of making a live catalogue of all my photos, dully organized, allways update along the time, easily viewable when I want to see some particular photo with detail, and allowing me to email a photo, or a collection, to some friend or relative, with a simple click. Including a simple, clear and nice presentation. And most important: if I want to work on some particular photo, I can find it immediatly in the computer. After long searching and trying in the web, I think I found the best software for my purposes, which I know to be the ultimate hope of millions of people like me. It's called Extreme Thumbnail Generator, and this software is an oasis in a desert of complicated and less reliable softwares for the same purpose.

I must underline another point: support team for Extreme Thumbnail Generator is the most friendly and efficient I have met, always available to introduce some particular detail to our needs. It's important to count on a service like this.

I've used Extreme Thumbnail Generator for several years now to help with web sites to promote my stained glass business, and I find it a really useful and flexible tool to present pictorial content in an attractive and orderly way.