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A fully-automatic software for downloading photos and videos from TGP websites for Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7

If you need to download entire TGP automatically - use Extreme Picture Finder. This easy-to-use TGP downloader will automatically follow all gallery links and save full-size images or videos found on the gallery pages. No more annoying banners, pop-ups or redirects - only required content at an incredible speed! Plus built-in image viewer with thumbnails and slide-show mode!

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It's very easy to download TGP with Extreme Picture Finder. You just have to specify the TGP address (address of the page with actual links to galleries) and tell the program to treat this address as TGP. The screenshots below show these 2 easy steps.

Enter the TGP site address

Enter the TGP site address

The screenshot below shows the TGP downloader in action - Extreme Picture Finder is downloading and saving images from a specified TGP. Every gallery is saved into its own folder on your hard disk and you can view the downloaded images immediately!

TGP downloader in action

There are several ways to make the download process faster. First - you can increase the number of simultaneous connections. This TGP downloader offers up to 30 simultaneous connections allowing you to download any gallery within seconds! Next, you can filter out junk links by specifying the common part of all gallery links. Simply open the TGP page in browser, move your mouse over several links and watch the address (it's shown at the bottom of the browser window). Most of the TGP pages use script to redirect you to the actual gallery. Usually it's called something like "out.php". Another common part may be "&url=". You can specify this text as a common part of gallery URL and Extreme Picture Finder will scan only links that contain the specified text, skipping the rest of page links. Using the above hints you can download any TGP lightning-fast!

But this is not all. Extreme Picture Finder comes with the built-in online URL database with thousands of TGP sites addresses ready for your use! All addresses are divided into categories and are updated frequently.

TGP addresses database

So download and try this TGP downloader now. It is absolutely free and fully functional for 20 days!

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