Imagefap downloader - how to download full-size pictures from galleries

Downloading galleries is very easy with Extreme Picture Finder - the ultimate imagefap downloader. Extreme Picture Finder is software for Windows which allows you to download all full-size images from any galleries or entire imagefap "niche" automatically. So, first of all you'll need to download and install the most recent version of Extreme Picture Finder.

Download all full-size images from imagefap galleries

Simply follow the step-by-step instructions below to get all those images downloaded in no time at all!

1. Download "template project" installation package and launch it (click here to download). It will install a new project into Extreme Picture Finder. So, launch Extreme Picture Finder and select the - template project.

Imagefap downloader

2. Open the imagefap gallery in browser and copy its address into Windows Clipboard.

Copy imagefap gallery address into clipboard

Usually the gallery address on the website looks like this:

or this:

3. Use menu item Project - Clone project... to create a copy of the imagefap template project and open the project properties window.

4. Go to the Starting addresses section in the project properties window and paste the gallery address from Windows Clipboard into the Starting addresses field. Note that you can paste as many gallery addresses as you want here, just make sure that each URL is in its own line.

Paste imagefap gallery address for download

5. Go to the Title and category section and change the project title if you wish.

Imagefap download project title

6. Go to the Save - Destination folder section and choose the folder where all pictures from the selected imagefap galleries must be saved.

Save imagefap gallery automatically

Note, that images from separate galleries will be saved into separate sub-folders of the folder you selected here. If you want only one gallery and don't want any sub-folders, then go to the Save - Sub-folders section and select No sub-folders option.

OK, this is it. Now click the OK button at the bottom of the project properties window to save the project settings, start the project using menu item Download - Start / Resume or button and enjoy the pictures!

Download imagefap galleries

Repeat steps 2 - 6 for other imagefap galleries.

Download all galleries from imagefap niche

The easiest and fastest way is to download all recent galleries from a selected imagefap niche. Extreme Picture Finder offers a built-in database with thousands of ready-to-use download projects including a project for almost every niche. So you need to open the built-in database browser in the program using menu item Project - Explore online project database... or Explore online project database button and expand the "Erotic" category in it.

Download entire niche with imagefap downloader

Then select the sub-category in the database which corresponds to the niche and find " - NICHE_NAME" project in it, just like on the above screenshot. Now save this project using menu item Project - Download project... or Download niche project button, close the built-in database explorer and start downloading images using menu item Download - Start / Resume or Download entire niche button. Just give it a try and you WILL be surprised with the speed and efficiency of the software.

Imagefap downloader in action

If you cannot find a project for the niche you'd like to download from - drop us an email at and we'll add it in no time!

Other options

With Extreme Picture Finder you can also download all galleries from a selected imagefap member or club. If you cannot set up the imagefap downloader for the part of the site that you want - write us at with the URLs, we'll be glad to help! Also, please check out the Extreme Picture Finder forum where we answered hundreds of questions already. And, of course, you're welcome to download any other projects from the built-in project database.

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