Imagefap downloader - how to download full-size pictures from galleries

So, you've found a gallery with hundreds or maybe thousands pictures on website and want to save them all automatically, without clicking each one and going through all the pages? Then Extreme Picture Finder is what you need. So, first of all, download and install the most recent version of the program.

Now follow the step-by-step instruction below to download all full-size pictures from any imagefap gallery.

1. Open the imagefap gallery in browser and copy its address into Windows Clipboard.

Copy imagefap gallery address into clipboard

Usually the gallery address on the website looks like this:

or this:

where "XXXXXXX" is the gallery ID.

2. Download "template project" installation package and launch it (click here to download). It will install a new project into Extreme Picture Finder. So, launch Extreme Picture Finder and select the - template project.

Imagefap downloader

3. Use menu command Project - Clone project... to create a copy of the imagefap template project and open the project properties window.

4. Go to the Starting addresses section in the project properties window and paste the gallery address from Windows Clipboard into the Starting address (URL) field. Then click the Add button to add the gallery URL to the list of starting addresses.

Paste imagefap gallery address for download

5. Go to the Title and category section and change the project title if you wish.

imagefap download project title

6. Go to the Destination folder section and choose the folder on the disk drive where all pictures from the selected imagefap gallery must be saved.

Save imagefap gallery into the folder on your disk

7. Go to the Filters - Included URLs section and select the first filter in the list. It will appear under the filters list in the Include addresses containing field where you can edit it. Now replace the "XXXXXX" in this field with the actual gallery ID (from the gallery URL) and click Update button.

Replace XXXXXX with the actual imagefap gallery ID

OK, this is it. Now click the OK button at the bottom of the project properties window to save the project settings, start the project using menu command Download - Start / Resume or simply click the button and enjoy the pictures!

Download imagefap galleries

After the gallery download is finished - go to the imagefap website, copy the address of the next gallery into Windows Clipboard, return to the Extreme Picture Finder, select the - template project in the project list and repeat the above steps starting with number 3.

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